utility boilers use waste oil burner

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    So the whole concept of finned tubes is to increase the outside surface area of the tube. As an example, a finned tube configuration of 2" (nominal, 2.375" actual) pipe with a ¾" high welded helical solid fin of 12 gauge thickness with 6 fins per inch has an outside surface area of 8.23 sq. ft. per linear foot; whereas the same bare pipe Learn More

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    unit flue gas Project Facts A large Midwest refinery was looking to replace its FCC carbon monoxide (CO) boiler with a waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) to increase unit reliability and lengthen run time between outages. The original unit was a circular furnace CO boiler design supplied by B&W in 1960 as an ASME Section I boiler.Learn More

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    Straight tube, shell-and-tube waste heat boilers frequently develop tube and tube sheet failures due to the imposition of unequal stresses. A primary cause of this is the uneven distribution of hot gases across the face of the tube sheet. The tubes involved tend to come loose, creating leakage problems.Learn More

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    Overall Efficiency <p>Efficiency within a model group will tend to vary by the size (capacity) of the unit. Some products, like furnaces, may also be affected by installation orientation (horizontal, upflow, or downflow) or even by the nozzle used in installation, as is the case with boilers and oil furnaces.Learn More


    Natural Gas Fired Boilers. For economic reasons as well as regulations associated with natural gas fired boilers MACT/MATS, natural gas is rapidly replacing coal as the fuel of choice. A majority of the new gas-fired capacity is combined-cycle units that incorporate a combustion turbine and HRSG. There are however, a large number of wall-fired or tangentially water tube utility boilers …Learn More

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    Integral Copper / Copper Nickel Spiral Finned Tube with High Fins for Condensing Boiler . Quick Details: 1. Roll forming process. 2. Higher heat transfer ability comparing to HF welding and Wrapped fin tubeLearn More

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    Seamless Cold-Drawn Low-Carbon Steel Heat-Exchanger and Condenser Tubes. SA-178. Electric-Resistance-Welded Carbon Steel and Carbon Manganese Steel Boiler Tubes. SA-192. Seamless Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes for High-Pressure Service. SA-249 T304, T316, 304H, 316H, 321, 347, 310, 317.Learn More

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    Finned Tubes Aluminium Copper Carbon Steel Stainless Steel. Copper Tube Aluminum Fin Composited Extruded Fin Tube. Integral Low Finned TubeLearn More

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    Low Fin (Integral) tubing is a type of extruded tubing that consists of short low fins. Titanium Low Fin Tube. The low fin tube have the advantage of adding surface area to a smooth tube while maintaining the same outside diameter. Low Fin Enhanced tubes can be used in standard shell and tube baffles and tube sheets. Extruded Low Fin Tubes.Learn More

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    This is called the boiler water loop, since it is a circular system. For a natural gas-fired hot water boiler, almost all of the components are the same except for the equipment used to supply fuel to the burner (the gas train). A natural gas-fired heater does not include a fuel pump because the natural gas fuel is not a …Learn More

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    Our low finned tubes are used in shell and tube heat exchangers. VIEW MORE . Heat Exchanger. Peer Fin Tubes has an extensive range of boiler and stay tubes available to meet your boiler tube requirements no matter how demanding. The Integral fin tube is a tube where the external surface of the tube is enhanced by the process of fining and Learn More